Koynos Cooperative

About us

CV KOYNOS is a nonprofit organization that provides care and assistance to people with intellectual disabilities throughout life. We manage a school for special education with 50 students, an occupational center for 70 adults and a program for independent living. We have a professional team of 38 people, including teachers, physiotherapists, speech therapists, pedagogues, psychologists and social educators. Our student population needs high levels of support and varies from Down Syndrome to Autism Spectrum Disorder and rare Diseases. Koynos was founded in 1977 by families with Down Syndrome children. With 40 years of experience, we are a private special education school that counts on an Educational Subsidy from the regional government. Koynos welcomes students with disabilities aged from 3 to 21.

The curriculum of Koynos is focused on promoting quality of life in all its dimensions (emotional wellbeing, capacity development, interpersonal relationships, social inclusion…) and we offer our students:

1. Individual educational planning adapted to each student pace.

2. Alternative and augmentative communication systems when needed

3. Social emotional skills program

4. Decision-making training, focused on gaining Independence

5. Self-care and personal image skills training

6. Extracurricular activities for participating in the proximate environment

7. Safe and predictable environment

8. Labour preparation with an internship in a real business

9. Positive Behaviour Support Programme

Our daily tasks consist of working with sensory alterations. Because of this we have a great interest in acquiring new strategies and tools to enhance the learning process.


Konyos Cooperative

C/Santa Teresa, 2. 46110 Godella (Valencia)

Tel: +96 363 01 07

Email: koynos@koynos.org

Website: https://koynos.org/

Contact person

Rosa Marí Baquero

Email: maribaqueror@koynos.org

Rosa Marí Baquero

Rosa works as a speech and hearing therapist at the basic education stage/level. She implements augmentative and alternative communications systems with students who do not develop oral language and stimulates oral or gestural language.

She, as a specialist in the chewing and swallowing process, is part of a working team at the school, responsible for the development of this area in order to give support to the students who may need it.

She coordinates the basic education stage as well as the sensory intervention work group at the school.

She is also leading a project for educational inclusion which is driven by Plena Inclusión España at a state level. The main criteria in this project is to work, side by side, an ordinary school with a special needs school. Both centres set common goals and they put it into practice with shared activities.

Email: maribaqueror@koynos.org

Santiago Ferrer Marqués

Santiago has a degree in Pedagogy and has been working at Koynos School for 35 years.

He has worked as a tutor, secretary, head of studies, ICT coordinator and director in several stages. He is currently the director of the school.

Maintains the digital resources website "La ardilla digital” (The digital squirrel) http://ardilladigital.com/

Being teacher and director at the same time means to be focused in three areas equally:

1/ achieve students best personal development through three main dimensions: autonomy, social skills and communication. This is the starting point in order to provide an education with high quality standards

2/ involve families in their children supports plan and motivate the families to assume an active role in the strategic goals set by the organisation

3/ promote the development of technical and personal skills for the professional team. This meaning to nurture the emotional environment as well as providing the necessary training tools and equipment in order to work properly.

Email: ferrermarquess@koynos.org